Neet Near Me FAQ's

1. What is neet near me?

Neet near me app is for students and parents who wish to find best coaching institutes (NEET and Other) for their higher studies and Jobs. Find your ideal Neet coaching institutes, tuition center, school, and colleges nearby

2. Who can register for neet near me?

Both student and Institute can register on Neet near me.

3. How to sign-up for student?

Download from Playstore, and use signup button for student and fill out basic details.

4. How to sign-up for institute?

Download from Playstore and, use sign-up button for institute and fill out basic details.

5. How to edit profile on Neet app?

From drop down menu select profile, from there you can edit and save changes.

6. How to change password for your Neet near me app?

From drop menu select, change password. Enter your old password then create new password.

7. How to submit institute review on Neet near me app?

Login as student, open the institute profile you want to review and down button of the page you'll find intitute review option

8. Forget password?

Enter username and choose option forget password, a link will send on your register email id with Neet near me app. From there you can change your password.

9. How can I give feedback to Neetnearme team?

From your profile, use dropdown menu from there choose option feedback. Your feedback will reach to us.